Reflection & Refraction

Circular Cylinder Lens


[Product Description]

A demonstrative lens with one face white coated to explain the mechanism of a rainbow forming using the property of light such as Dispersion, Refraction, and Reflection of Light.

[Overall Advantages to Users]

This cylindrical lens allows learners to explore and understand the mechanism of rainbow formation, which is described in science magazines or textbooks, by using their results.


  • Dispersion, Reflection, and Refraction of Light
  • Refractive index (refraction index)
  • Chromatic aberration
  • Light Spectrum
  • A Rainbow



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[To teachers]

This higher transparent lens with a white coating provides a high-contrast light path that is visually recognized and distinguished.

[To students]

Easy to observe the light path through the lens thanks to the white coating on the back surface.

  • Size: φ50 x 20 mm
  • Material: Acrylic resin

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