Reflection & Refraction

Refraction Tank LED RT-100Y


【Product Description】

Water tank for reflection & refraction equipped with a LED light source.

【Overall Advantages to Users】

Easy to demonstrate the light reflection and refraction at a boundary between two materials (air and water) to students.


  • Optical experiments
  • Light reflection and refraction




【To all users】

  • It is a water tank for optical experiments equipped with a light ray source (LED) which emits light ray linearly from the outer circumference of a circular water tank.
  • Change the emission angle of the light source and observe the reflection and refraction of light that occurs at the interface between water and air.
  • The light ray source moves around 270 degrees of the outer circumference of the tank.

【To teachers】

  • Equipped with a linear LED (high brightness white) as the light source, you can clearly observe the optical path even in a bright classroom.
  • A dry battery or AC adapter can be used as the power source, therefore it can be used almost anywhere.

【To students】

  • Suitable for teachers’ demonstration to students in a laboratory because of its tank size (φ250mm).
  • Water tank: φ250mm, material: transparent acrylic resin,
  • Whole size: 230 × 100 × 350mm,
  • Scale: 5 degrees scale in 360 degrees,
  • Light source: Linear ray LED(high brightness white),
  •  Dry battery AA x 3pcs (not included) or AC adapter – not included (Output: DC 5V and 2.2A, Plug: Center-plus (center positive).

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