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Moment of Force Experiments Set


【Product Description】

All-in-one type apparatus to verify and study the topic of “Moment of Force” by measuring two forces applied to a board and held in equilibrium, or a force doing work to pull a weight when using a pulley.

【Overall Advantages to Users】

Easy to verify how the conditions for equilibrium of two forces applied to boards of different shapes vary by measuring those forces with the Digital Newton Meters (A05-4065) included in the product.


  • Moment of a force
  • Conditions for equilibrium
  • Equilibrium of a rigid body
  • Pulley
  • Work done by a force on an object
  • Addition and resolution of forces



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【To all users】

  • Available not only for experiments of “moment of force” but also for ones of “addition and resolution of forces” when drawing vector diagrams on the magnetic white board that comes with the product after converting values measured by the two Digital Newton Meters (A05-4065) to the corresponding values in appropriate unit of length.
  • Newton Meter GN-1 (A05-4065) 2 pcs
  • Magnetic white board for force experiments CB-3 (C15-1309-03) 1 set
  • Boards for experiments of force equilibrium (Square shape: 2 types, 2 pcs, Amoeba like shape: 1 pc)
  • Pulley P-5N (Simple pulley: 2 pcs, Compound pulley: 2 pcs, Weight: 2 pcs, String) (C15-1102) 1 set
  • Pulley with a supporting rod WP (C15-1145) 1pc
  • Spiral spring (5g, 10g): 2 pcs ea.
  • Power Supply: AAA battery 4 pcs (not included.)
  • Carrying case: 1 pc

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