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Newton Meter


[Product Description]

Digital Force & Weight Measurement Equipment

[Overall Advantages to Users]

  • Wide measurement range of: 2N, 5N, 10N and 20N replacing four types of conventional spring balances.
  • Available not only for “addition and resolution of forces” but also for experiment of “action-reaction law”.
  • Available both for “Pull” and “Push“ experiments.
  • Any direction measuring (360 degrees) possible with one-touch zero-calibration function.
  • Hold function allows to retain measured value at any time.
  • Pulling downward is possible unlike with traditional newton spring scales.


  • Force
  • Newton’s Second & Third Law
  • Work and Amount of Work
  • Static/kinetic Friction

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[To all users]

  • Versatile meter for various types of force experiments without any restriction caused by self-weight of spring.
  • Possible to do improvised experiments, for example: using two of the meters connected in series, and others.

[To teachers]

  • Shorter time required for preparation and instruction for experiment because of the wide measurement range that makes experiment more efficient than it used to be with conventional spring balances.
  • Because the amount of numerals in experiment results are kept constant across the measurement range, it is easier to teach students about significant digits when analyzing the results.
  • Better storage compared with newton spring balance.

[To students]

  • Easier formation of “Force” and “Weight” concepts.
  • Less likely to misread measured value compared with newton spring balance.
  • Analysis based on measured value should be more likely to agree with the theoretical value because of the high accuracy in measuring force in any direction, such as horizontal, perpendicular, vertical (upward and downward) directions.
  • Size: 157 (whole length) x 45 x 24mm
  • Range: 0~±19.99 N, 0~±1,999g
  • Resolution: ±0.01N, ±1g
  • Display: LCD
  • Operating temperature range: 0~40℃
  • Power supply: AAA dry cell battery x 2 (not included)
  • Function: Zero calibration, Unit change, Auto power off, Hold function

Teacher's Resources

  • [MANUAL] In English for this product.


  • [Product Insight]


  • [EXPERIMENT] "What is Net Force?" It is the purpose of this experiment guide to help learners understand the scientific concept of net force through experiments. Conventionally, learners learn the topic of net force out of their textbooks without conducting experiments. As opposed to such conventional learning method, this experiment guide is intended for learners to measure the strengths of individual forces acting on an object in newton (unit) (symbol: N). Consequently, on the basis of measured results of experiments learners will be able to describe the concept of net force.


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