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Metallic Dynamic Cart DY-5 (One pair)


[Product Description]

Metallic Cart for Dynamic Experiments

[Overall Advantages to Users]

  • Measured value close to the theoretical one can be obtained whenever conducting experiments on “Uniform motion”, “Motion with constant acceleration” and “Law of conservation of momentum”.
  • Large enough mass of the cart (1kg+-2g) contributes to high repeatability of the experiments on “Kinetic momentum” or “Motion energy”.
  • Wheels originally designed for the cart with quiet and low-friction three ball-bearing provide smooth running stability.
  • The wheels are perfect for experiments of the uniform accelerated motion because of the low inertial mass and torque.
  • Flat and spacious top enables a variety of motion experiments.
  • Provided with unparalleled level of multifunctionality that allows a wide variety of motion experiments.


  • Kinetic momentum

  • Law of conservation of momentum

  • Kinetic energy

  • Mechanical energy

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[To all users]

  • Cart’s nominal weight (1kg) falls within the error range of +-0.002kg.
  • Hence, consistent results in collision experiment with two dynamic carts are achievable.
  • Newton Balance can be mounted on the top.
  • Force sensor can be fixed to the top of the cart.
  • The “Inertia Experiment Unit (C15-2962)”, sold separately, can be attached on the top of the cart.
  • Weight(s) can be put on the top to add mass to the dynamic cart.
  • Law of conservation of (linear) momentum and Elastic Collision experiments:
  • (1) Perfect setting for experiments of law of conservation of (linear) momentum can be created by doubling the mass of the cart by connecting two carts together by Velcro.
  • (2) Built-in spring plunger enables experiments including Elastic Collision.

[To teachers]

  • The dynamic cart weighs 1kg and has a large enough inertial mass.
  • The dynamic cart enables simple analysis (calculation) of experiments results when substituting the mass (m=1) to motion equation.
  • Easy for students to affix one end of a spark timer tape on the dynamic cart.
  • Newton balance can be attached to the top of the cart for measurement of force.
  • Possible to collect data provided by a force sensor if attached to the dynamic cart.
  • Easy and safe operation is available for students even on a ramp by stopping the dynamic cart with the built-in stopper.

[To students]

  • Easy to calculate experiment results using motion equation.
  • By using a Digital Newton Meter or a Force sensor attached to the dynamic cart, experiment result can be quantified which makes analysis easier.
  • Size:303×102×95mm
  • Mass: 1kg(±0.002kg)
  • Material: Body – Metal, Wheels – ABS resin
  • Accessories: (1) Metal bracket for a spring balance (2) Force sensor anchoring rod

Teacher's Resources

  • [MANUAL] In English for this product.


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