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Force Board Set 52MS


【Product Description】

All-in-one portable apparatus for resultant, resolution, and equilibrium of force with digital force measurement equipment.

【Overall Advantages to Users】

  • All-in-one set designed for students experiments of resultant and resolution of force. Easy set up as opposed to conventional table type demonstrator that requires complicated operation.
  • Easy to determine the direction of resultant force owing to the built-in indicator lock pin with a small chain on the tip developed to improve the usefulness over common product.
  • Achieved significant size reduction, weight saving and improvement in usability of the main body thanks to the simple design of the whole set.
  • Achieved direct and easier reading of the measured force value, as opposed to common newton spring scales, thanks to the hold (retain) function of the “Newton Meter (A05-4065)” included in the set as a digital force measurement equipment.


  • Resultant and Resolution of Forces
  • Digital Newton Meter





【To all users】

  • Easy to affix the board on lab bench by using the clamp included in the set.

【To teachers】

  • Possible to annotate the value of component force displayed on each of the two Newton Meters with its directions (represented by arrow) on the disk part of the board using a marker.
  • Equilibrium of the forces can be drawn on the disk by completing a parallelogram with strengths and directions of the two forces that act on the Newton Meters.

【To students】

  • Through students’ experiments in groups, easy to understand the scientific concepts of resultant force, as well as vector that represents resultant force.
  • Main body (Wooden Board):
    – Size: 200 x 200 mm,
    – Material: Wood
    – Equipped with [1] Disk printed with 360 degrees protractor (1 pc), and [2] Indicator lock pin with a small chain on the tip
  • Clamp with a pulley: 1 pc
  • Newton Meter (A05-4065): 2 pcs
  • Weight (50g): 4 pcs
  • String: 3 pcs

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