Magnetic Line Chips – small (5 colors)


[Product Description]

Multi-colored Plastic-coated Iron Chips for 3-D Magnetic Fields Observation

[Overall Advantages to Users]

  • Easy to visualize magnetic field.
  • Colorful chips.
  • Easy to cleanup tables in the laboratory.
  • Safe as covered by soft plastics.


  • Magnetism
  • Cleanness/Tidiness
  • Safety
  • Colorfulness

Click the “Download tab” below for the “Teacher’s Resources” documents such as an instruction manual and teachers’ guide(s) for experiments.



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[To all users]

  • Dynamic changes within the 3-D magnetic field lines appear when connecting magnets in a variety of shapes.

[To teachers]

  • Easier to keep the laboratory clean compared with using iron fillings.
  • Easier to collect after experiments compared with iron fillings, which leads to significant cost-saving in the long term.

[To students]

  • Much more hands clean procedure for magnetism experiments.
  • Experiments with various types of magnets are possible because chips can easily be removed from the magnet.
  • Multi-colored (5) plastic-coated chips ~6mm
  • 3” x 5” re-closable bag
  • 100g

Teacher's Resources

  • [Promotional Materials] Product Insight


  • [EXPERIMENTS] Ampere Law Experiment: In this Unit, we will confirm Ampere’s right-hand rule. We will observe the magnetic field around the (single) wire carrying electric current and then around the solenoidal wire. After that, compare the observations.


  • [MANUAL] in English for this product.


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