Aluminum Collecting Sphere (single)


[Product Description]

Aluminum Collecting Electrode for “Static Genecon” (B10-1324-W0)

[Overall Advantages to Users]

  • It is for a famous experiment of the electric discharge phenomenon between two aluminum spheres with Static Genecon.
  • Combination of Static Genecon and Aluminum spheres makes the electrostatic experiments of Van de Graaff be able to become smaller-scale experiments.
  • Check the experiments’ guide for detailed experimental information.


  • Spark discharge
  • Attractive and Repulsive electrostatic force
  • Electrostatic field
  • Electric field

Click the “Download tab” below for the “Teacher’s Resources” documents such as an instruction manual and teachers’ guide(s) for experiments.



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[To all users]

  • By sticking strips of moisture-resistant paper on top of the sphere, you will experiment and observe the paper strips levitating when turning the handle of Static Genecon.
  • Learners can imagine the direction of the electric force lines by noting the direction of the floating strips.
  • Use this product along with the Static Genecon for a great demonstration of electrostatic electricity.

[To teachers]

  • More safe-experiment of static electricity for learners can be provided.
  • More safe-discharge experiments by learners-self can be provided.
  • Carry out attractive and repulsive electrostatic force experiments with the combination of Static Gencon and Aluminum spheres in easily and safely for learners.

[To students]

  • Learners can experiment with an electrostatic discharge because of safe-level voltage from Static Genecon.
  • Learners can control the generating static electricity from Static GENECON to experiment with discharging, attractive, and repulsive of static electricity by themselves.
  • Sphere: Aluminum (φ50×2mm)
  • Base: Acrylic resin (100×100×5mm)
  • Prop: Acrylic resin (φ10×150mm)
  • Weight : 115g

Teacher's Resources

  • [EXPERIMENTS] Attractive and Repulsive Force Experiments Using Aluminum Collecting Sphere: We will use Static Genecon and Aluminum collecting sphere and conduct experiments with attractive and repulsive force of static electricity.


  • [EXPERIMENTS] Discharging Phenomena by Using Aluminum Collecting Spheres: We make experiments of “Spark Discharge” using the Static Genecon and Aluminum Collecting Spheres.


  • [EXPERIMENTS] Lighting Experiment Using Discharging Tubes: We will confirm that electrical current is flow of electrons through Glow Discharge and Arc Discharge.


  • [MANUAL] In English for this product.


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