Static Genecon


[Product Description]

Hand-held Static-electricity Generator

[Overall Advantages to Users]

  • Replaces traditional “Van de Graaff” generators.
  • Allows any experiment on static electricity to be performed in classroom much easier and less costly.
  • Easy to realize that there is no motor and no battery generating static electricity because of its transparent body.
  • Easy to understand that friction between two different materials can generate static electricity (positive and negative charge).
  • Works well even in high humid and hot conditions.


  • Continuous Static Electricity Generation
  • Safe and Portable

Click the “Download tab” below for the “Teacher’s Resources” documents such as an instruction manual and teachers’ guide(s) for experiments.



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[To all users]

  • Transparent body (frame) allows to see inner mechanism of generating static-electricity, therefore realizing there is no black-box inside the product.
  • Separation of positive and negative charges, through enclosed red and black cables, helps facilitate various experiments with many static electricity accessories available.
  • Important property of static charge, that positive and negative charge attract each other, and same charges repulse each other can be simply demonstrated.

[To teachers]

  • Maintenance and running costs free (replacement gear set is available in case gear inside breaks or is worn out instead of replacing the whole product).

[To students]

  • Easy to realize that polarity of generated charge is determined depending on the combination of two materials rubbing with each other. Due to this difference in the triboelectric series and the principle of electrostatic induction, Static Genecon supplies negative and positive static-electricity through the red/black cables.
  • More than 10,000 volts at the output end of the dedicated cables
  • Size: 223 x 255mm
  • Thickness: 75mm
  • Weight: 400g
  • Cable: Red and Black x 1pc each
  • Material:
    – Housing: Polycarbonate resin
    – Generator:
    – Negative pole: Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) resin
    – Positive pole: Felt
    – Gears: Polyacetal resin

Teacher's Resources

  • [EXPERIMENTS] Static Electricity in Our Life: In this chapter, through the experiments of acquiring static electricity by rubbing things around us, you should understand that electrostatic charging occurs by friction between different kinds of matter.


  • [EXPERIMENTS] Investigate Electrostatic Property: This is to enhance students’ understanding of the principle of Ball Electroscope and Leaf Electroscope that accelerates their comprehension of “Electrostatic Properties."


  • [EXPERIMENTS] Attractive and Repulsive Force Experiments Using Aluminum Collecting Sphere: We will use Static Genecon and Aluminum collecting sphere and conduct experiments with attractive and repulsive force of static electricity.


  • [EXPERIMENTS] Attractive and Repulsive Force Experiments Using Electric Pendulum: We will perform experiment related to the attractive and repulsive force of static electricity (Coulomb force) using a Conductive sphere (a ball used as an Electric pendulum) and Static Genecon.


  • [EXPERIMENTS] Experiment Using Electrostatic Motor: We will perform experiment related to the attractive and repulsive forces of static electricity (Coulomb force) using the Electrostatic Motor (Franklin Motor) and Static Genecon.


  • [EXPERIMENTS] Discharging Phenomena by Using Aluminum Collecting Spheres: We make experiments of “Spark Discharge” using the Static Genecon and Aluminum Collecting Spheres.


  • [EXPERIMENTS] Discharging Experiments Using Hamilton Flywheel: In case of using Hamilton Flywheel, it is rotated by the repulsive force occurred between the electric charge at the metallic point of flywheel and the electric charge in the surrounding air charged by the metallic point discharge.


  • [EXPERIMENTS] Lighting Experiment Using Discharging Tubes: We will confirm that electrical current is flow of electrons through Glow Discharge and Arc Discharge.


  • [MANUAL] In English for this product.


  • [Product Insight] Product Insight of Static Genecon is promotional material. Please download it.


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