Tablet Holder for Support Stand


【Product Description】

Holder for a smartphone/tablet that instantly turns a commonly available support stand into an ICT-enabled one.

[Overall Advantages to Users]

  • When mounted with a smartphone/tablet, this product will turn your support stand into ICT-enabled labware equipped with a digital camera, video, or data-logging system including sensors helpful for efficient collection of various experimental results.

  • A digital camera can be easily mounted on Ball-head thanks to U1/4 screw.


  • ICT
  • Data-Logging System
  • Sensors
  • Support Stand
  • Video
  • Camera



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[To teachers]

  • No need to specially prepare/purchase ICT-enabled setting/equipment because teachers can utilize their smartphone, etc. with this product.

[To students]

  • Shorter time and less effort is required for students to be skillful enough to use an ICT-enabled setting for collecting data from experiments and/or capturing images.

  • Ball-head & Supporting rod
    • Length: 230mm
    • Diameter of supporting rod: φ8 mm
    • Screw: U1/4
    • Movable round plate: dia. 33 mm
    • Max loading weight: 1000 g
  • Holder (for smartphone/tablet)
    • Two-steps expandable spring mechanism
    • Max Length: 220 mm
    • Min Length: 95 mm
    • Weight: 60 g
    • Max loading weight: 500 g
    • Screw hole: U1/4 x 2
    • With a latch mechanism

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