Tablet Holder for Support Stand


【Product Description】

This product can convert a normal support stand to an integrated one with a smartphone/tablet or a data-logging system.

[Overall Advantages to Users]

  • The integrated support stand with a smartphone/tablet using this product provides students with better solutions involving a digital camera, a video, or a data-logging system with sensors to obtain various scientific phenomena, experimental results, or beneficial observations.
  • When you use a data logging system with sensors in experiments, the tablet holder is convenient and safe to hold the tablet and sensors together for the safe wiring of the sensor and tablet in limited space.
  • Camera Free Head equipped with a U1/4 screw can attach a digital/video camera your school has.


  • ICT
  • Data-Logging System
  • Sensors
  • Support Stand
  • Video
  • Camera



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[To teachers]

  • The tablet holder can convert your support stand to a digital camera stand, a tablet stand, or a data-logging system stand so that the experiment equipment will be integrated, hybrid, and suitable for students.

[To students]

  • The integrated support stand with ICT equipment enables students to conduct their experiments and obtain sufficiently detailed evidence data for their reports so that they will develop their skills and knowledge.
  • Camera Free Head (Cloud Head)
    • Size: ca. 230mm (length), φ8㎜
    • Screw: U ¼
    • Free Head: diameter 33 mm
    • Max loading weight: 1,000 g
  • Holder for Smartphone/Tablet
    • Two steps expandable type
    • Max Length: ca. 220 mm
    • Min Length: ca. 95 mm
    • Weight: ca. 60 g
    • Max loading weight: 500 g
    • Screw hole: U ¼ x 2
    • Latch

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