Portable Microscope LED


【Product Description】

Portable Microscope with LED

【Overall Advantages to Users】

  • “Portable Microscope” with thirty (30x) magnification and with a built-in light (LED bulb).
  • A blue filter for color correction in the microscope makes high contrast observation possible.
  • Easy to carry thanks to a compact design and plastic bag.


  • Portable microcope
  • Observation of a micro-organism
  • Observation of botanical, or a mineral specimen in a lab
  • Observation of thins at outdoor.




【To all users】

  • The Portable Microscope can be used for observation of a micro-organism, a botanical, or a mineral specimen in a lab and outdoor.

【To teachers】

  • Easy to maintain for teachers thanks to its simple structure and durability.

【To students】

  • The portable microscope is easy to handle for students because of its durability.
  • Thus, the microscope lets the students easily observe living things in the outdoor field not only in the lab.
  • Magnification: 30x times
  • LED bulb: 2.2 V, 0.25 A
  • Power supply: AA type Dry cell x 2 pcs (excluded)
  • Size: ca.50x23x140mm
  • Weight: ca.70g
  • Plastic bag: 1 pc

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