Diffraction & Interference

Slit for Light Diffraction Grating (1 pc)


[Product Description]

Mirror-like etched glass light diffraction grating slide for Young’s experiment

[Overall Advantages to Users]

  • Young’s experiment with high precision is possible because the slits are made by glass-etching-process on the substrate.


  • Diffraction grating
  • Young’s experiment



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[To all users]

  • Versatile diffraction grating slide with three types of slit (single slit, double slit and diffraction grating slit) on a substrate.

[To teachers]

  • Safe demonstration is possible because of the antireflection stickers placed on the slide surface to protect the students’ eyes from laser reflection.

[To students]

  • Safe and precise experiment is possible.
  • Possible to carry experiment with no worry to damage the surface of the slide with their operation.
  • Material: Glass
  • Qty: 1 pc
  • Line & Space of the slit:
    (1) Single slit (3 types): Width of slit = 0.01mm, 0.02mm, 0.05mm
    (2) Double slit (3 types): Width of slit = 0.02mm, Interval (between centers of the slits) = 0.04mm, 0.07mm, 0.22mm
    (3) Diffraction grating slit (2 types):
         [1] Width of slit = 0.01mm x 30 slits (0.02mm interval)
         [2] Width of slit = 0.02mm x 10 slits (0.06mm interval)

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