Diffraction & Interference

Young’s Experiment Set without Laser Pointer & Diffraction Slit


[Product Description]

Slit holders & Laser pointer base for Young’s experiment

[Overall Advantages to Users]

  • Simple and intuitive tool for holding a slit (for light diffraction grating) and placing a laser pointer (as a light source).
  • Versatile and convenient tool for Young’s experiment without using optical bench.


  • Light interference and diffraction
  • Young’s experiment



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[To all users]

  • Easy and quick setup is possible.
  • Young’s experiment can be carried out easily, precisely and properly because the slit (for light diffraction grating) can infallibly be set up perpendicular to lab-bench.

[To teachers]

  • Setup is easy and quick because the slit holder and the laser pointer base can be connected without using any tool.
  • Slit holders
  • Laser pointer base

Teacher's Resources

  • [Manual] in English for this product.


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