Reflection & Refraction

Light reflection and refraction experiments set LB-FP


【Product Description】

A set for the light reflection and refraction experiments using Ray Box L-2 (D20-1507-W0) with various type of lenses, a circular water tank, a full circle protractor and a mirror.

【Overall Advantages to Users】

  • No other components are needed for popular optical experiments such as light reflection/refraction because the kit has enough parts.
  • Your eyes are protected from the rays because Ray box L-2 equips with a high brightness LED, which is safer than a laser beam.
  • There is “Smoke Lens” in the set. This lens is designed to visualize the ray passing inside of its lens. A glass lens cannot do that.
  • A circular water tank with magnets on the back can be attached on a white board for the light reflection and refraction at the boundary between air and water in the tank. Additionally the circular water tank has a full-circle protractor on its back to measure refractive or reflective angle of the ray at the boundary.


  • Optical experiments
  • Light reflection and refraction



  • Ray Box L-2 (D20-1507-W0)
  • Mirror (80 x 65 x 22mm)
  • Semicircle “Smoke” Lens (translucent (translucid) type) (φ60 x 120mm)
  • Circular Protractor
  • Convex “Smoke” Lens (translucent (translucid) type)
  • Trapezoid “Smoke” Lens (translucent (translucid) type) (70 x 40 x t20mm, acute angle 60°)
  • D20-1400 Spectral prism SP-1
  • Circular water tank