Reflection & Refraction

Instant Observation Light Path Set


【Product Description】

Set for students’ optical experiments including lenses, a mirror, and a portable LED ray box to be fitted with a compact light path tracing plate and a circle protractor.

【Overall Advantages to Users】

  • The protractor on the light path projection plate enables users to measure the angle at which rays reflect or refract.

  • Suitable for students’ experiments.


  • Optical experiments

  • Light reflection and refraction

  • LED light source




【To all users】

  • Set for easy setup that comes with four lenses of different shapes, a convex/concave mirror (one of each), and a semi-circular open tank. Sufficient for students’ experiments to observe light reflection and refraction.

  • Placing a single slit plate in front of the ray box allows the number of rays to be changed from three to one.


  • Portable ray box (emitting red color LED rays from built-in three slits)
  • Compact light path tracing plate with a circle protractor
  • Triangular Prism x 1 pc
  • Convex lens x 1 pc
  • Concave lens x 1 pc
  • Trapezoid lens x 1 pc
  • Convex mirror x 1 pc
  • Concave mirror x 1 pc
  • Semi-circular open tank x 1 pc
  • Single slit plate x 1 pc


  • Material: Plastics
  • Size: 130 x 70 x 40mm (portable ray box), 175 x 70 x 7mm (compact light path tracing plate)
  • Power supply: Two dry cells (AA type) (not included)

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