Atmospheric Pressure Experiment Set (M-type)


【Product Description】

Assembly set for experiments under easily generated reduced air pressure state.

【Overall Advantages to Users】

  • This assembly set provides a method for a wide variety of experiments by using a disposable syringe (as a simplified vacuum pump).


  • Atmosphere
  • Atmospheric pressure
  • Air
  • Vacuum state
  • Propagation of sound in air and in a vacuum state



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【To all users】

  • Possible to do a variety of experiments, by removing the air from the vacuum jar using the disposable syringe with an intake/exhaust valve, such as:  

     1. sound volume change (propagating in the vacuum jar),

     2. deformation of marshmallow or other foam made things and

     3. change of water boiling point.

  • The set includes an electronic buzzer containing small polystyrene balls that keep moving by the sound vibration. Intensity of the buzzer sound emitted from the jar is reduced as the inner air is evacuated. However, the balls moving up and down inside the buzzer indicate that the sound is still being emitted inside the jar.

【To teachers】

  • Easy to do experiments under reduced air pressure state.
  • Shorter time required for the preliminary experiment.
  • Shorter time and less workload required owing to the compactness and lightness in weight.
  • Easy to plan students’ experiments done individually or in groups because shorter time and less workload required, owing to the compactness and lightness of the product, for experiment preparation and preliminary experiments.

【To students】

  • Safe because no electric pump is used.
  • Help students understand the nature of atmosphere (air) and atmospheric pressure through the variety of experiments available by using this product.

●Vacuum jar x 1pc
●Vacuum buzzer x 1pc
●Simplified vacuum pump (Disposable syringe with an intake/exhaust valve) (Highest degree of vacuum: 4kPa) x 1pc

Teacher's Resources

  • [MANUAL] In English for this product.


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