Vacuum Jar (B-type)


【Product Description】

Portable and versatile jar suitable for various types of experiments under reduced air pressure state.

【Overall Advantages to Users】

Small chamber (jar) providing a restricted space under reduced air pressure state for various types of experiments including [1] sound volume change (propagating in the vacuum jar), [2] deformation of marshmallow or other foam made things, and [3] change of water boiling point.


  • Atmosphere
  • Atmospheric pressure
  • Air
  • Vacuum state
  • Propagation of sound in air and in a vacuum state



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【To all users】

  • Shorter time required for preparation and preliminary experiments owing to the portability and small inner volume of the jar.
  • Easy to handle and carry experiments with it because the lid has two separate nozzles for air suction and air discharging respectively.

【To teachers】

  • Shorter time and less workload required for preparation, preliminary experiments, demonstration and clean up owing to the superior compactness and lightness of the product compared with commonly available vacuum desiccator or bell jar & vacuum plate.
  • Suitable for students’ experiments, too, because of the compactness and lightness of the product.
  • Outer diameter: 79mm
  • Inner diameter: 69mm
  • Height: 110mm (Capacity: 300ml)

*Not including any tubes and clips.

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