Vacuum Jar (B-type)


【Product Description】

This product is one of the main components for “C15-6065-W0 Atmospheric Pressure Experiment Set M” (refer to the URL below) that is simply designed to carry experiments under reduced pressure.

【Overall Advantages to Users】

  •  It is easy to create a reduced pressure state. The lid of the jar is equipped with two identical suction inlets: one is used as a connection to a vacuum pump, while the other one is used as a connection to a tube with a pinchcock. This is used for controlling the pace of returning the internal pressure of the jar from a reduced state to an atmospheric one.
  • It is easy to maintain a reduced pressure state. A ring-shaped neoprene gasket underneath the lid prevents influx of outer air from going into the jar and keeps the reduced pressure state inside the jar.


  • Atmosphere
  • Atmospheric pressure
  • Presence/absence of air
  • Reduced pressure state
  • Comparison between propagation of sound under atmospheric pressure and that under reduced pressure



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【To all users】

  • A safer and simpler operation is possible compared with a conventional glass bell jar. The jar is made from polyacrylonitrile styrene resin (AS) that combines lightweight and high durability features.

  • This is a versatile component for various experiment purposes under reduced pressure. In combination with some related products like Narika “Simple Vacuum Pump (C15-6431)”, the jar provides a confined space under reduced pressure for various types of experiments as referred to the examples shown on the right.
  • Plastic Jar: 1 pc, Outer diameter 79 mm, Inner diameter 69 mm, Height 110 mm
  • Sealing Lid: 1 pc, AS resin, Diameter 84 mm, Thickness 2 mm, Chrome plating
  • Neoprene gasket: 1 pc, Outer diameter 88 mm, Inner diameter 28 mm, Thickness 3 mm
  • Tube: 1 pc, PVC
  • Pinchcock: 1 pc

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