Large-size Wooden Dynamic Cart (Only)


【Product Description】

One-meter-long Large-size Wooden Cart for Dynamic Experiments

【Overall Advantages to Users】

  • The top is spacious enough to be loaded with up to two dynamic carts for a variety of motion experiments.
  • The large-size wooden dynamic cart weighs 1kg that enables experiments in combination with cart or carts of the same weight.


  • Kinetic momentum
  • Law of conservation of momentum
  • Kinetic energy
  • Mechanical energy
  • Elastic and inelastic collisions



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【Benefit to all users】

  • One-meter-long top of the cart is long enough for a variety of motion experiments.
  • A wide variety of dynamic experiments, including collision one, is possible in combination with 1kg cart or carts such as Narika’s Metallic Dynamic Cart DY-5 (C15-1622-W0).
  • Wheels originally designed for the cart provide smooth running stability.
  • Achieved high repeatability of experiments on “Kinetic momentum” or “Motion energy”.

【Benefit to teachers】

  • Stable demonstration possible thanks to the high repeatability of experiments.
  • Captivating demonstration for students possible in combination with Narika’s Metallic Dynamic Cart DY-5 (C15-1622-W0).
  • By setting up a ramp on the cart with the accessory board, it is possible to observe the motion of Narika’s Metallic Dynamic Cart DY-5 (C15-1622-W0) rolling down the ramp.

【Benefit to students】

  • Easy to calculate experiment results using motion equation.
  • Large-size wooden cart:
    • Size: 1100 x 160 x 78mm
    • Mass: 1kg (±0.05kg)
  • A set of accessories for the ramp
  • Stick: x 2pcs
  • Removable block: x 2pcs

Teacher's Resources

  • [MANUAL] In English for this product.


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