Accessories for Dynamic Cart F-2


【Product Description】

Set of the accessories of Dynamic Cart F-2 (C15-1624-W0) consists of the sensor bracket and optional weights.

The optional weight (C15-1624-W1, 0.5kg) is dedicated to Narika’s Dynamic Cart F-2, increases the mass of the Cart F-2 with collapsing prevention bumps and hollows and a fixing fibrob knob bolt, and supports students’ safe.

The sensor bracket (C15-1624-W2) for securely mounting acceleration or force sensors on Dynamic Cart F-2, especially Data Harvest or Vernier sensors is verified to mount on the cart.


  • ICT-enabled Dynamic Cart F-2
  • Acceleration sensor
  • Force sensor
  • Weights



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[Overall Advantages to Users]

  • A combination of this weight and the dynamic cart F-2 ensures the safety of users in an experiment by having a bumps-hollows mechanism for positioning itself on the cart F-2 and a fixing fibrob knob bolt to prevent it from slipping down from the cart F-2.
  • As various types of wireless sensors for dynamics experiments have been developed, it demands the secure mounting of sensors on the dynamics cart. Sensor Bracket solves this demand.
    • Sensor Bracket dedicated to Dynamics Cart F-2 can securely mount and fix an acceleration sensor or a force sensor to it without falling off.
    • A thumb screw of Sensor Bracket serves as a shield for photogate sensors such as the speed measurement device “BeeSpi (Narika S77-1321).”

[Optional Weight (C15-1624-W1)]

  • Optional weight: 500 g x 3, 135 x 70 x t 6 mm
  • Fibrob knob bolt: U ¼ x 55 mm with a knurled stud nut

[Sensor bracket (C15-1624-W2)]

  • Sensor Bracket: 90×55×50mm, Stainless
  • Thumb screw and Knurled stud nut: 1 pair

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