ICT-enabled Dynamic Cart F-2 (One pair)


【Product Description】

Multifunctional metallic cart for dynamic experiments with its top designed as a versatile platform to mount a smartphone with installed apps for speed/acceleration measurement, or to mount a digital camera for recording the cart’s motion.

【Overall Advantages to Users】

  • Smooth running stability and operability are further improved compared to other dynamic carts.
  • Flat and spacious top enables to mount a variety of sensors or a smartphone.
  • Measured value close to the theoretical one can be obtained whenever conducting experiments on “Uniform motion”, “Motion with constant acceleration” and “Law of conservation of momentum” unless any ICT device like a smartphone is mounted on the cart.
  • Large enough mass of the cart (1kg+-3%) contributes to high repeatability of the experiments on “Kinetic momentum” or “Motion energy”.
  • Wheels originally designed for the cart with low-friction three ball-bearing provide smooth running stability.
  • The wheels are perfect for experiments of the uniform accelerated motion because of the low inertial mass and torque.
  • Provided with unparalleled level of multifunctionality that allows a wide variety of motion experiments, especially when a smartphone or other type of ICT device is mounted on the cart.


  • Kinetic momentum
  • Law of conservation of momentum
  • Kinetic energy
  • Mechanical energy



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【To all users】

  • Cart’s nominal weight (1kg) falls within the error range of +-3% that is an very low variance in weight for a body made from zinc die cast.
  • Hence, consistent results in a collision experiment with two dynamic carts are achievable.
  • Separately sold platform for a smartphone can be mounted on the top of the cart.
  • Law of conservation of (linear) momentum and Elastic Collision experiments:
    •  Perfect setting for experiments of law of conservation of (linear) momentum can be created by doubling the mass of the cart by connecting two carts together by Velcro or by stacking them vertically.
    • Built-in spring plunger enables experiments including Elastic Collision.

【To teachers】

  • The dynamic cart weighs 1kg and has a large enough inertial mass.
  • The dynamic cart enables simple analysis (calculation) of experiments results when substituting the mass (m=1) to motion equation.
  • Easy for students to affix one end of a ticker timer tape on the dynamic cart .
  • Wheels are protected from damage because the cart is designed to connect its bottom surface to the ground to prevent overload to the wheel axles, thus stopping the cart.
  • Triangle-shaped marks at both sides of the cart enables easier analysis of the motion of cart(s) in slow motion playback.
  • Easy and safe operation is available for students even on a ramp by stopping the dynamic cart with the built-in stopper.
  • Easy for students to affix one end of a ticker timer tape on the dynamic cart.

【To students】

  • Easy to calculate experiment results using motion equation.
  • By using a smartphone with installed apps related to physics mounted on the dynamic cart, experiment result can be quantified which makes analysis even more easier.
  • Material: Body – Zinc die cast, Wheels – ABS resin
  • Size: 150 x 85 x 45mm
  • Axle: with suspension system
  • Wheel: with ball bearings
  • Extra functions: Overload prevention mechanism, Velcro (in two colors) to connect two carts, Built-in spring plunger, Triangle-shaped position marks

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