Stackable Weights for Dynamic Cart F-2


【Product Description】

Set of three stackable optional weights (500 g each) and a clamping bolt suitable to increase the total mass of Narika’s Dynamic Cart F-2 (C15-1624-W0).

[Overall Advantages to Users]

  • Number of the weights to be mounted on the cart is adjustable from one to three without worrying about slipping off the cart thanks to the concavities on the upper side and convexities on the lower side.
  • By using the clamping bolt, the weight(s) will be stacked and mounted on the cart even more stably.


  • Dynamic Cart F-2
  • Weight
  • Law of Conservation of Momentum



  • Weight: 500 g, 135 x 70 x t 6 mm (x 3 pcs)
  • Clamping Bolt (x 1 pc):
    • U 1/4 x 55 mm with a fibrob knob
    • Knurled round nut

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