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Ampere’s Law with Molded Flat Coil


[Product Description]

This set combines Flat Coils Molded in Plastic (B10-4711-W0), which is hardened with a curing resin to prevent a coil’s wire from fraying to have a long life, and small compasses with an E shape pedestal for a magnetic field experiment.

[Overall Advantages to Users]

A contained coil in the set with an outer diameter of 50 mm and an inner diameter of 40 mm is a thin, compact, lightweight, and durable body sealed in resin with 600 windings. The set consists of this durable coil, small compasses, and a pedestal to observe the phenomena of Ampere’s law. It may barely fray, loosen, or break like a conventional coil.


  • Faraday’s law
  • Electromagnetic induction
  • Induced electromotive force
  • Mutual induction
  • Ampere’s law
  • Lorentz force



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[To teachers]

This set containing items necessary for the experiment eases teachers to plan students’ experiments for Ampere’s law, the magnetic flux generated by current flowing in a coil. In addition, other experiments like the electromagnetic induction based on Faraday’s law can be applied by taking advantage of this coil’s characteristics (its small size, lightweight, durability, and the number of windings).

[To students]

The student can observe the magnetic flux generated by the current flowing through the coil depending on the direction of the pointers of small compasses on the pedestal.

  • Flat Coils Molded in Plastic (Straight): 1
    • Size: Inner diameter: ca.40 mm, Outer diameter: ca.50 mm, Thickness: ca.7 mm
    • Coil: φ0.2mm copper wire, 600-turn coil
    • Resistance value: ca.50 Ω
    • Usage environment: Under 70℃
  • Small compasses: 9
    • Size: φ20 mm x ca.7 mm
  • E shape pedestal: 1
    • Size: 150 x 135 x 2(t) mm

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