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Compass in oil


[Product Description]

Oil-filled Magnetic Compass

[Overall Advantages to Users]

  • The compass is suitable for electromagnetic field experiments(Oersted’s Experiment).
  • An oil-sealed damper enables smooth needle movement without repeated oscillation observed in other magnetic compasses.


  • Electromagnetic field
  • Oersted’s Experiment
  • Ampere law

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[To all users]

  • It is easy to observe the phenomenon because the magnetic needle works slowly in the compass.
  • The magnetic needle is a sensitive one to easily work even a weak magnetic field created by a small amount of electric current.

[To teachers]

  • The compass makes to do easily Oersted’s Experiment.
  • In the case of a combination with Genecons (hand-held DC generator), learners observe easily and effectively the phenomenon of Oersted’s Experiment.

[To students]

  • The learner can observe the influence of the magnetic field created by the electric current flowing through the conducting wire by the movement of the magnetic needle.
  • When the coil connects to either type of Genecon V3 and Due (hand-held DC generator), the direction of the magnetic needle is changed depending on the direction of turning the handle of Genecon.
  • Material : Clear Plastics
  • Size : φ39×10mm

Teacher's Resources

  • [EXPERIMENTS] Oersted’s Experiment: Purpose of this experiment is, by using dry cell battery, Genecon V3 and magnetic compass, to confirm that generation of magnetic field depends on electric current flowing through cable.


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