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Genecon V3 Capacitor Adapter


[Product Description]

Genecon V3 Capacitor Adapter

[Overall Advantages to Users]

  • This capacitor adapter is electrical energy storage like a small rechargeable dry cell.
  • This capacitor is developed to directly connect to GENECON V3 without any cable.
  • It is possible to charge and discharge electricity generated by Genecon V3 to the capacitor.
  • Convenient in various students’ experiments. Especially, experiment with energy consumption (efficiency) comparison of lighting time between the miniature bulb and LED lamp using capacitor adaptor.
  • It is a visible inner structure due to the transparent body.


  • Energy conversion
  • Generator & Motor
  • Light energy
  • Energy efficiency



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[To all users]

  • It is suitable for learning about energy consumption through a comparison of lighting time between a miniature bulb and a LED lamp connecting to this capacitor adaptor.
  • The adaptor has a built-in indicator for telling full charging.
  • The capacitor adaptor is an exclusive unit to connect with the LED adaptors, the miniature bulb adaptor, and Genecon V3.

[To teachers]

  • In the comparison of electrical energy consumption with a LED and a miniature bulb, which are connected capacitor adapter, it clearly shows its difference between them.
  • The capacitor adapter in full charge can turn on a miniature bulb for around 7 minutes. When the LED connects to the capacitor adaptor, it can turn on the LED lamp for less than 1 minute.

[To students]

  • The combination of GENECON V3, Miniature bulb adapter, LED adapter, and this capacitor adapter brings out an easy experiment for learners.

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