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Layered Assembly Type Daniell Cell


【Product Description】

Easy to assemble kit for a layered Daniell Cell specialized for students’ experiments that requires only a minimal amount of each solution absorbed by paper filters.

【Overall Advantages to Users】

  • Minimum amount of chemicals needed by using two paper filters soaked with a few drops of copper sulfate solution and zinc sulfate solution.
  • Permeation membrane (cellophane film) is used as an interface (separating membrane) for each electrode plate (copper and zinc) preventing mixture of two electrolyte solutions while connecting two electrodes in a way that allows ions to move freely between them.


  • Daniell Cell
  • Volta Cell
  • Copper Ion
  • Zinc Ion
  • Copper sulfate solution
  • Zinc sulfate solution
  • Lead battery
  • Ionization tendency of metals



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【To all users】

  • Easier and minimized waste disposal after the experiment by using two small size paper filters soaked with a few drops of electrolyte solution (not more than a few milliliters). The waste disposal can be completed when the used paper filters are fully dried and then disposed.
  • Shorter time and less efforts required in preparing electrolytic solution and assembling the cell because only small amount is needed for the experiment and the configuration of the cell is compact and simple.
  • The metal plates for electrodes are reusable.

【To students】

  • Students can better and easily understand the mechanism of Daniell Cell thanks to simplicity of the product’s concept and structure.
  • Copper metal palate: 20 x 70 x 1mm 5 pcs
  • Zinc metal plate: 20 x 70 x 1mm 5 pcs
  • Cellophane: 80 x 30mm 20 pcs
  • Paper filter: 60 x 20mm 40 pcs
  • Bulldog clip (plastic): 5 pcs

Teacher's Resources

  • [ MANUAL ] Layered Assembly Type Daniell Cell


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