Hydrophobic Microscope Slide (M-size)


【Product Description】

Hydrophobic Microscope Slide for Observing Living Microorganism (Medium size)

【Overall Advantages to Users】

  • Observing living microorganisms through a microscope can be time-consuming because collected droplets of culture solution sample may not contain observation objects. Compared to using a depression slide glass, the “Hydrophobic Microscope Slide” facilitates faster and easier observation of living microorganisms owing to its multiple observation areas on which four, twelve or twenty-four spherical shapes can be formed at a time per a single operation of pouring collected droplets.
  • Living microorganisms like water fleas or slipper animalcules (paramecium) are very difficult to track in the narrow field of view of a microscope because they continuously move around in the collected culture solution sample. In contrast, a droplet of culture solution sample forms a spherical shape, due to the hydrophobic effect and surface tension, at each hole on the “Hydrophobic Microscope Slide”, which traps living microorganisms, restricts their mobility and, consequently, facilitates faster observation through a microscope.


  • Microorganism observation
  • Water flea observation
  • Slipper animalcules (paramecium) observation
  • Zooplankton and phytoplankton observation



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【To all users】

  • There are hydrophilic circular parts (uncovered glass) surrounded by hydrophobic area (covered by black film) on the surface.
  • Spherical shapes will form, due to hydrophobic effect, when droplets of culture solution sample are put on hydrophilic circular parts (uncovered glass).
  • Multiple spherical shapes can be formed at once when droplets of culture solution sample collected with a dropper are roughly transferred on the “Hydrophobic Microscope Slide”.
  • Size of each spherical shape can be adjusted by absorbing small amount of the culture solution with a tissue, etc., which restricts the mobility of microorganisms inside.

【To teachers】

  • Shorter preparation time before observation of microorganisms required.
  • Easy to secure sufficient time for students’ microorganisms observation.
  • Spherical shapes can easily be returned to the culture solution to reuse it in next class.

【To students】

  • Possible to allocate enough time for living microorganisms observation through either of a stereo microscope or a biological microscope.
  • Likely to stimulate students’ interest in microorganism observation.
  • Easy to clean up after observation.
  • Qty: x5pcs
  • Application: To observe microorganisms through a stereomicroscope.
  • Diameter and number of holes: φ5mm each, x12 holes
  • Size: 76 x 26mm

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