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Electric Melody


[Product Description]

Electric Melody with Protection circuit (GENECON V3 and DUE)

[Overall Advantages to Users]

  • This is an upgraded electric melody to connect with GENECON.
  • The built-in protection circuit is avoiding be broken the electric melody from overload current and overload voltage.


  • Energy conversion
  • Electric energy
  • Sound energy
  • Mechanical energy



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[To all users]

  • The electric melody can work with dry cells and Genecon V3 or DUE.
  • Do not use it with household power.
  • The main experiment is energy conversion from electric energy to sound energy.

[To teachers]

  • No damage to the electric melody occurs in the learner’s experiment with Genecon or dry cells.

[To students]

  • Easy to experiment and recognize for learners what energy conversion from electric energy to sound energy is.
  • Music Title : For Elise
  • Voltage : 1.2~3.6V
  • Current : 0.15~0.3mA
  • Size : 38×62×11mm

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