Work & Energy

Elastic & Inelastic Balls (Each 10pcs)


[Product Description]

  • Pair of black spheres look identical but are different in elasticity

[Overall Advantages to Users]

  • The “Elastic” ball stores very little energy in collisions and bounces well.
  • The “Non-elastic” ball stores a lot of energy and doesn’t bounce.


  • Energy conversion
  • Efficiency in energy conversion
  • Potential energy and kinetic energy





[To all users]

  • Suitable for experiments on conversion of potential energy into kinetic energy and heat energy.
  • Difference in energy conversion efficiency can be determined based on each height of bounce.

[To teachers]

  • Easy to draw interest from students.
  • Possible to demonstrate very frequently because no special preparation or setup is needed.
  • Possible to do students’ experiment without fear of damaging/losing it due to its affordability.

[To students]

  • Suitable for observing and analyzing physical phenomena.
  • Elestic balls x10pcs
  • Non-elastic balls x10pcs
  • Size: φ25mm

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