Cryscube Set


[Product Description]

Steric crystal model of closest packing structure or 3-D inverted crystal structure model (Set of 4 types)

[Overall Advantages to Users]

  • This “Cryscube” consists of 8 transparency cubes, and the inside of the cube has a part of the polystyrene sphere as a part of the atom.
  • Each of the cubes has a special joint between each cube and makes one crystal structure.
    1) The “Cryscube” can show you the inside structure by reversed.
    2) The “Cryscube” reversed can show you its several cubics and open structures.
    3) It is possible to see crystal lattice and array structure inside of “Cryscube” due to its transparency.
    4) When the “Cryscube” places on at the corner of two face mirrors, the larger steric model in four times appears in the mirror.


  • Steric crystal model of closest packing structure
  • Three-dimensional inverted crystal structure model
  • Body-centered cubic lattice
  • Face-centered cubic lattice
  • NaCl type cubic lattice
  • Diamond type cubic lattice



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[To all users]

  • “Cryscube” has eight cubics as a part of an atom inside, which links in such a way that the surfaces can be inverted infinitely. Thus it is possible to observe the crystal lattice from various points of view, facilitating a better understanding of crystalline structures.
  • Crystal model: Acrylic resin

  • Atomic sphere model: spheral polystyrene foam

  • Size : 72×72×72mm

  • Weight : ca 140g

M60-2656-01 Cryscube “BCC”
  *Body-centered cubic lattice
M60-2656-02 Cryscube “FCC”
  *Face-centered cubic lattice
M60-2656-03 Cryscube “NACl”
  *NaCl type cubic lattice
M60-2656-04 Cryscube “C”
  *Diamond type cubic lattice

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