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Underwater microphone IW-M


【Product Description】

A high-sensitive microphone (hydrophone) for use underwater

【Overall Advantages to Users】

  • Putting the microphone into water after connecting it with high sensitivity amplifier can catch faint sounds transmitting into the water, and listen to the sounds amplified from the speaker.
  • This microphone set enables the demonstration that sounds can travel in the water and the air.
  • It is possible to listen to a faint sound like a noise of activities of aquatic organisms in the water because of the microphone and the amplifier have a high sensitivity.
  • A plug of the microphone is a standard audio-mini-plug, so that it is easy to connect with other amplifiers.


  • Sound transmission in the water




【To students】

  • Example of use: listen to sound of a stopwatch ticking packaged with a plastic bag underwater. Put the stopwatch running in the plastic bag and close the bag, after listening to the sound of the stopwatch ticking from the bag, put the whole bag into water of a beaker. Then put the microphone into the water too. Finally, adjust a volume level of the amplifier to listen to the ticktock sound of the stopwatch.
  • Microphone material: Piezoelectric ceramics
  • Output impedance: ca. 8.1kΩ at 1kHz
  • Output terminal: Audio-mini-plug
  • Size: φ50 × 7mm
  • Cable length: 1.6m