Stand & Rod for Magnetic Board


[Product Description]

Innovatively designed portable support stand mountable to any type of a magnetic board thanks to the built-in strong magnet on the back.

[Overall Advantages to Users]

Turn your classes into engaging lessons by using the stand attached to the magnetic board and connecting it with various equipment together with writing comments around the board for innovative and effective demonstration both face to face and online.


  • Keep everything susceptible to magnet, such as a magnetic card, credit card and PC or smartphone, away from the embedded neodymium magnets in the product.
  • Do not use in combination with any fragile and breakable things like glassware and or heating equipment like alcohol burner or spirit lamp.



  •  Supporting rod:
    • Length: 400 mm
    • Diameter: φ12 mm
    • Stainless
  •  Stand (Base):
    • 155 x 70 mm
    • Steel covered with black color coating
    • Silicon coated neodymium magnets
    • Max loading weight: 1 kg

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