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ICT-enabled Support Stand

F35-5040-W0 F35-5041-W0 F35-5042-W0 F35-5043-W0

【Product Description】

Next-generation multifunctional support stands called G-fit series designed to hold various types of instruments including digital devices and/or sensors.

【Overall Advantages to Users】

Sensors and ICT devices are commonly used in science experiments. However, common type support stands are not structurally resistant enough to stably and safely hold sensors and/or an ICT device (a tablet or smartphone) besides general glassware. This is the reason why the product series (G-fit series) was developed by Narika Corporation to overcome this challenge.


  • Retort stand (for chemistry experiments)
  • Support stand (for physics experiments)
  • Go DirectⓇ series (supplied by Vernier Software & Technology)
  • Smart Wireless Sensors series (supplied by Data Harvest Group Ltd.)
  • Heating experiments
  • Experiments of Neutralization titration
  • Experiments of Distillation
  • Experiments of Pendulum
  • Experiments of Air column resonance
  • Electrolysis experiments
  • Other types of experiments



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【To all users】

  • Responding to the demands from science teachers, the base of the product is designed as a versatile platform equipped with convenient-to-use features and safety mechanism as follows.
    • Anti-rotation structure adopted for fixing the rod mounted on the base. Using mechanism for preventing rotation of the rod by adopting the anti-rotation structure of the flat shape interface between one edge of the rod and the corresponding socket part (rod mounting hole) of the base.
    • The base has two holes for rod mounting. Therefore, the rod can be mounted either on the center or on the edge side of the base depending on the purpose of experiment.
    • The base is, on purpose, made heavy for its versatility covering not only chemistry experiments but also physics ones etc., so that it does not collapse on a side.
    • Additional features include (1) a steel ruler mounting hole that enables easier height measurement of an object from lab bench (e.g., in case of Hooke’s law experiment), and (2) the multi-use storage pocket to temporarily store weights and/or balls used for pendulum experiments, etc.
    • Horizontal level adjustment of the whole stand to the actual experimental environment became easy by manipulating with the control knob on the reverse side of the base.

【To teachers】

  • Supplied with an “universal clamp” specially designed to securely hold various types/sizes of devices covering a wide range of science experiments with sensors.
  • Possible to mount other types of attachments including the “Tablet Holder for Support Stand (F35-5040-W5)” (that comes with the G-fit D-type (F35-5043-W0)) or commonly available mounting plates/adapters.
  • Students’ safety is even more secured compared with commonly available support stands because the product is designed to hold various types of instruments very stably and firmly.

【To students】

  • No longer need to worry about the damage to tablet/smartphone in case of students’ experiments using sensors. Students’ concentration will be enhanced.
  • Material: Rod – Stainless steel, Base – Zinc die cast
  • Rod Size: φ12x 660mm
  • Base:
    • Size: 216 x 238 x 40mm
    • Weight: 2.8kg
    • Main & sub rod mounting holes
    • Multi-use storage pocket
    • Mechanism for preventing rotation of the rod
  • F35-5040-W0
    • Universal clamp (with a multi-purpose unified hook part): 1 pc
    • Backing ring: 1 pc
    • Joint clamp for rod: 2 pcs
  • F35-5041-W0
    • Universal clamp (with a multi-purpose unified hook part): 1 pc
    • Joint clamp for rod: 1 pc
  • F35-5042-W0
    • Universal clamp (with a multi-purpose unified hook part): 1 pc
    • Universal vise clamp: 1 pc
    • Joint clamp for rod: 2 pcs
  • F35-5043-W0
    • Universal clamp (with a multi-purpose unified hook part): 1 pc
    • Tablet Holder for Support Stand (F35-5040-W5): 1 pc
    • Joint clamp for rod: 2 pcs

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