Petri-dish-like Paired Polarizers


【Product Description】

Pair of upper and lower polarizers (polars) with fitting structure suitable for students’ introductory observation that can be used just by placing on the stage of a binocular stereo microscope.

【Overall Advantages to Users】

  • Easy-to-use observation unit for students.
  • Preparation for observation can be completed by following the steps below
    1. Affix the periphery of the lower unit by sandwiching in between clip and microscope stage,
    2. Put a specimen into the lower polarizer, and
    3. Put the upper polarizer
  • Possible to fit to binocular stereo microscopes already owned by schools thanks to the large-sized viewing surface (φ50mm) and advantageous in polarization observation of rocks, minerals and crystalline bodies. on top of the lower polarizer covering it.


  • Binocular stereo microscope
  • Polarization observation
  • Observation of rocks and minerals




【To all users】

Polarization observation became simpler thanks to the two white dots put on peripheries of the upper and lower polarizers serving as markers that help users to easily line up those polarizers for parallel Nicols setting.

  • Size: Outer diameter – φ78 x 20mm, Inner diameter – 51 x 15mm
  • Material:
    • Polarizer – Triacetylcellulose (TAC), PVC
    • Frame of the polarizer – Acrylic resin, Rubber

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