Attachable Polarizer & Analyzer


【Product Description】

Simplified polariscope (without lens) attachable to a biological microscope that consists of a hood type analyzer used to cover eye piece and a filter type polarizer used to be placed beneath the prepared slide.

【Overall Advantages to Users】

Easy-to-use simplified polariscope (without lens) attachment for students.


  • Biological Microscope
  • Polarization observation
  • Analyzer
  • Polarizer





【To all users】

  • Easy set up just by covering an eye piece with a hood type analyzer and by placing a filter type polarizer beneath the prepared slide.
  • Easy to use in substitution for a polarization microscope.
  • Easy to switch from general observation mode to polarization observation mode and vice versa because the product can be simply attached/detached to/from the microscope, which makes the comparison of both types of observation even more hassle-free.
  • Analyzer (hood type used to cover an eye piece): 1 pc
  • Polarizer (filter type used to place beneath a prepared slide): 1 pc
  • Size:
    • Analyzer: φ40 x 34mm (Not including protrusion)
    • Polarizer: 80 x 30 x t2mm
  • Adaptable eye piece outer diameter for the analyzer: 26 – 31mm (Extinction angle is not measurable with this product)

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