Reflection & Refraction

High-brightness LED Light Sticks RB-Y


【Product Description】

Set of three (3) LED light sticks (white, red, green) each emitting “belt-like” high-brightness single beam

【Overall Advantages to Users】

  • Possible to emit a linear ray bright and well-defined enough for tracking even in a classroom under normal illumination level. Thanks to the built-in light source unit called “Beam LED” that emits about 17mm-thick “belt-like” beam in a vertical direction developed by Narika Corporation.
  • Each of the Light Sticks emits a single beam of a single color (white, red or green), which makes it possible to create single or multiple parallel beams, or convergent or divergent beams emitted from random angles.


  • Light reflection
  • Light refraction
  • Light convergence
  • Light divergence



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【To all users】

  • Possible to emit even brighter and better-defined linear ray than any other similar product because each of the Light Sticks uses its built-in “Beam LED” to emit a single ray only, unlike Narika’s “Ray Box L-2 (D20-1507-W0)” of which the light source is split into three rays.

【To teachers】

  • Students’ safety is secured because LED that is much less harmful for eyes than laser is used for the light source.
  • Dark environment is no longer needed to observe reflection, refraction, convergence and divergence of light.
  • Easy to demonstrate by mounting the Light Stick(s) on metal surface like a whiteboard owing to the built-in magnet on the back.
    – Portable because it is powered by dry cell battery.
    – Easy to manage students’ activities because experiments can be carried in a classroom with normal level of illumination (with lights on).

【To students】

  • Reflection from and refraction by an object with a certain thickness will be clear and well-defined because of the 17mm thick beam in a vertical direction compared with laser beam (typical point light source) and conventional LED light source without such thickness.
  • Light source: High brightness “Beam” LEDs (set of white, red, green), Cylindrical lens
  • Power source: Size AA battery x 2 for each light box (sold separately)
  • Size of each light box: 110 x 112 x 52mm
  • Others: Built-in magnet on back surface of each light box

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