Reflection & Refraction

Portable Refraction Tank with LED


[Product Description]

  • Portable apparatus for reflection & refraction with built-in tank and LED light source

[Overall Advantages to Users]

  • Easy to observe light (waves) reflection and refraction at a boundary between two materials (air and water).


  • Optical experiments
  • Light reflection and refraction




[To all users]

  • Possible to emit a linear ray well-defined enough even in a classroom of normal illumination level because of the built-in high-brightness red LED and the tank with colored water inside.

[To teachers]

  • Portable because dry cell battery is the power source.
  • Students’ safety is secured because LED is used for the light source that is much less harmful for eyes than laser.
  • Easy to manage students’ activities because experiments can be carried in a classroom of normal illumination level (with lights on).

[To students]

  • Suitable for students’ experiment because of its tank size (φ90mm).
  • Refraction tank is equipped with rubber magnets on the back side to be fitted on a whiteboard, therefore, students can make their own presentation using the tank on the whiteboard.
  • Ray unit is on the same board of the tank, so student can tilt the tank to observe light refraction and reflection appears inside.
  • Whole size: 170 × 100 × 35mm
  • Tank size: φ90 × 20mm
  • Material: Body-acrylic, Tank-transparent acrylic
  • Magnets: 4 on the back side
  • Light source: Liner LED (High brightness red color)
  • Power supply: AA batteries (x2) (sold separatory)
  • Accessories: Scale plates (two types, for angle x1, for refractive index x1)

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