Reflection & Refraction

Light reflection and refraction experiments set WR-LB


【Product Description】

All in one set for light reflection and refraction experiments including a laser light source, a water tank, a semi-circular lens, a full circle protractor and a compact white board.

【Overall Advantages to Users】

The set is suitable for students’ presentation of experiments of light reflection and refaction using a white board with a water tank and light source and for students’ group experiments.


  • Optical experiments
  • Light reflection and refraction




【To all users】

  • Light reflection and refraction experiments are possible at several types of boundaries, like water and air and solid and air.
  • In experiments on the light reflection and refraction at the boundary of solid and air use a semi-circular lens on a whiteboard.

【To teachers】

  • It is easy to prepare for the experiment because all the units required for the experiment are in the set.

【To students】

  • Students can easily understand the nature of light by conducting experiments on light reflection and refraction.
  • Students can give a presentation of their results of the experiment using a whiteboard with other products in the set.
  • Compact water tank: 1 pc, φ90 × 23mm
  • Laser light source: 1 pc, (Output: Less than 1mW (Class 2 laser), Wavelength 645 – 660nm, Red)
  • Power supply for the light source: AC Adapter 3V, 2A (not included)
  • Semi-circular lens: 1 pc (smoke lens)
  • Full circle protractor: 1 pc
  • White board: 1 pc

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