Light, Wave & Sound

Assembly Type Optical System


【Product Description】

Introductory-level optical system that explains how rays emitted from the light source are converged onto the slide form image on the screen after passing through the lens at a certain focal distance.

【Overall Advantages to Users】

  • Specialized in measuring focal distance of the image projected through a double-convex lens and magnified on the screen.
  • Portable apparatus with a battery powered LED light source.
  • Better storage and portability because all the components can be stored in a Gratnells’ case that comes with the product.
  • Equipped with four types of color filter slides with different graphics that provide better visibility of the image that is horizontally and vertically reversed when projected on the screen through a double-convex lens.


  • Double-convex lens
  • Virtual image
  • Real image
  • Focal length




【To all users】

  • The zero-point of the scale is designed to be in the center of the rail when assembled. Therefore, if the lens is mounted on the zero-point, users can instantly read the distance between the lens and screen, as well as the one between the lens and light source.

【To teachers】

  • Simplicity and compactness of the design and configuration of the product contributes to shorter time and less efforts required in preparing experiment, as well as less space needed to carry out the experiments.

【To students】

  • Unlike authentic optical benches for advanced level students, the simplicity of this introductory-level product provides user-friendliness and comfort to younger students.
  • Assembly type rail 1 set – Pair of short rails with a length of 350mm each and scale with 1mm divisions. (Zero-point is designed to be in the middle of the assembled rail.)
  • LED Light source (flat type): Powered by size AAA battery (x3 pcs, not included)
  • Double-convex lens: φ50mm, f=100mm (Comes with a base to mount on the rail)
  • Screen: 1 pc (195 x 135mm) (Comes with a base to mount on the rail)
  • High-brightness LED Flash Light (Zoom type) 1 pc
  • P-shaped color filter slide: 1 pc
  • “と”-shaped color filter slide: 1 pc
  • Bicolor filter slide (Blue & Yellow): 1 pc
  • Bicolor filter slide (Red & Green): 1 pc

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