Sound & Resonance

Sound Frequency and Pressure Meter


【Product Description】

Portable digital meter for measurement of sound frequency with a function to display sound pressure in10-levels.

【Overall Advantages to Users】

  • Multifunction portable meter for measurement and instant reading of digitally displayed sound frequency and sound pressure displayed on the level meter.
  • Not a black box product because the inner structure of the meter is visible through its transparent plastic cover.
  • Frequency of various types and volume levels of sound can be measured in high accuracy with this product because the amplification rate can be manually and continuously adjusted.
  • The function of measuring the sound pressure (intensity of sound) can be applied to experiments like interference of sound waves and the distribution of sound pressure caused by standing (stationary) waves.


  • Frequency of sound
  • Sound frequency emitted from tuning fork
  • Sound frequency emitted from music instrument
  • Interference of sound waves
  • Sound pressure




【To all users】

  • Versatile meter that enables direct and instant reading of measured sound frequency and sound pressure level to investigate the properties of sound by [1] measuring the sound frequency emitted from tuning fork or music instrument, [2] determining relationship between the intensity of sound and the distance from a sound source, or [3] measuring the change in sound pressure caused by the interference of sound waves.

【To teachers】

  • Easy to draw interest from students because they can directly understand how the inner structure of the product looks like by observing the exposed printed circuit board.
  • Stable sound measurement is secured without being affected by the background noise in a classroom/laboratory, thanks to the function to control the amplification rate of sound frequency.
  • Hold function allows to retain measured value at any time.
  • Advanced experiments possible if a microphone (not included) is connected to the product.

【To students】

  • Easy to stably carry students’ experiments in groups if the knob for controlling amplification rate is appropriately used to minimize the influence of background noise from other groups.
  • Measurement range:
    • Sound frequency: 100.0 – 999.9, 1,000 – 9,999Hz
    • Sound pressure: Displayed on the level meter in 10-stages.
  • Measurement accuracy:
    ±0.1% (100.0 – 999.9Hz), ±0.2% (1,000 – 3,999Hz), ±0.5% (4,000 – 9,999Hz)
  • Size: 130 x 80 x 35mm
  • Built-in microphone: Small condenser microphone
  • Power source: Size AA batteries (x2) (not included)
  • Functions: Amplification rate control by a knob, Hold function, Jack for an external microphone (not included)

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