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Sound speed timer


【Product Description】

The speed of sound timer measures the time of sound traveling in a classroom to calculate the speed of sound by calculating the traveling distance of sound and the time.

【Overall Advantages to Users】

  • The demonstration of sound speed experiments with this device to students using the whole classroom will definitely get many students more interested in exploring science than before.
  • The device consists of two units, one is a timer unit and another one is a flash lamp unit. The device measures the traveling time of sound from the source to the flash lamp unit and the speed of sound can be then calculated with elapsed time and distance.


  • Speed of sound
  • Sound velocity




【To teachers】

  • In the demonstration, place the timer unit on a whiteboard, and place the flash lamp unit on the other side of the classroom (the distance between them should be approximately 10 m).
  • As soon as you make loud sound like clapp by hands, the timer unit catches the sound and start a time measurement, then when the sound reaches the flash lamp unit, the unit emits a light. Then, when the emitted light reaches back the timer, the timer stops the time measurement. Finally, the timer shows the result of the elapsed time as traveling time of sound between two points.
  • At the end of the demonstration, teacher or students calculate the speed of sound with the distance and the elapsed time to show the speed of sound.

[ Timer unit ]
●Switch: Sound detector to start a timer on, Light detector to stop the timer.
●Display: 7 segments LED, 4-digit
●Measuring time range: 1/10000 – 999.9sec
●Size: 230 × 95 × 65mm
●Power supply: Dry cell battery, AA 4 pcs (not included)

[ Flash lamp unit ]
●Size: 140 × 110 × 30mm
●Power supply: Dry cell battery, AA 3 pcs (not included)

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