Sound & Resonance

Air column resonance apparatus RT-85N


【Product Description】

The conventional glass tube type air column resonance apparatus using water and sound source.

【Overall Advantages to Users】

  • Narika’s air column resonance apparatus consists of a clear glass tube with printed scale and a glass jar. Is great for the experiments of sound wave characteristics (resonance).
  • Sound intensity, that we can hear and is coming out from the top of the air column enables to measure frequency of its sound.


  • Sound wave
  • Sound wave resounance
  • Sound wave frequency and vibrations
  • Speed of sound




【To all users】

Bringing sound source such as a tuning fork nearby to the top of the air column and then adjusting the water level up and down enables to find the position of a louder resonated sound in the air column. And then the distance from the position to the top of the air column will give the sound wave frequency by calculation. Furthermore, the speed and vibrations of the sound can be calculated too.

  • Air column resonance tube: Glass tube, φ33mm x 900mm, with a scale up to 850mm
  • Accessories: Water leveling jar, Stand

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