Sound & Resonance

Hand-held Sound Vibration Detector


[Product Description]

Portable balloon to observe the colorful beads inside jumping in response to the sound vibration caused by a source like a drum or a speaker.

[Overall Advantages to Users]

Balloon with beads that detects and visualizes sound vibration just by bringing it close to or putting it to any source of sounds.


Sound vibration





[To Teachers]

Hassle-free product because the factory-enclosed beads inside the balloon are unlikely to be scattered on the table/floor.

[To Students]

Easy to use personal educational material because each student only needs to blow into the built-in straw-like stick before use.

Plastic balloon containing sphere beads (φ3-5 mm each) with a straw-like stick: x 10
Thickness in the inflated state: 65-75 mm, φ130 mm, Total length: 330 mm including the stick.

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