Heat & Thermodynamics

Calorimeter WH-Y


【Product Description】

Calorimeter for measurement of the specific heat capacity of materials and Joule heating.

【Overall Advantages to Users】

  • This calorimeter can be used not only for measurement of the specific heat capacity of materials, but also for “Joule heating” experiments related to the conversion of electrical energy into heat.
  • Easy to read the value of temperature due to use of a digital thermometer instead of regular thermometer.




【To all users】

  • It is easy to use this calorimeter because many major textbooks describe the procedure of the measurement of the specific heat capacity and shows similar calorimeters.
  • As well as the measurement of specific heat capacity, it is easy to use the calorimeter for the measurement of Joule heating in the conversion of electric energy as well.
  • Copper inner container: φ75 × 75mm
  • Lid with electrode terminals: Clear plastics
  • Degital thermometer: -40℃ to +260℃
  • Resistance wire: φ0.4mm(5Ω) 1 pc, φ0.6mm(2Ω) 1pc
  • Outer wooden box with heat insulator: 150 × 150 × 95mm

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