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Small Haze Generator SGE-1


【Product Description】

Lab Haze Generator designed to create haze in a restricted space like an observation container from a smoke fluid contained in a cartridge.

【Overall Advantages to Users】

  • Relatively large size smoke machines intended to use for shows or concerts have long been an option to generate haze in school laboratory. In contrast, this product is designed to be used in a limited space.
  • Possible to locally fill haze into container of any kind like an observation container by connecting a plastic tube to this product, so that haze can be emitted directly without contaminating other facilities in laboratory.
  • Smoke fluid is non-toxic and safe for users. Cartridge replacement is easy, just change the old one for a new one (sold separately).


  • Haze generator (smoke machine)
  • Convection in air (gases)
  • Light path trail




【To all users】

  • Burning incense lit by a match or lighter has long been a main option to locally create haze in a limited space. In contrast, with this product users’ safety is secured because no flame is needed when using this product.
  • Generation rate of haze is controllable depending on the purpose of the experiment.
  • Automatic switch off mechanism after 35 seconds will avoid unintended haze generation.

【To teachers】

  • Easy to observe how air moves over a laboratory bench thanks to continuous operation up to 35 seconds.
  • By filling container with an appropriate amount of haze, experiments like convection in gases can be done easily.
  • Possible to observe light path trail if darkened observation box or other container is used.
  • Shorter cleanup time is required owing to the very little chance to spread since the haze can be filled just in a container.

【To students】

  • Not only teacher’s demonstration, but students’ experiments in groups are possible for their better understanding of the related topics.
  • Size: 70 x 123 x 64mm
  • Maximum accumulated operation time per cartridge: 15 min.
  • Accessory: Fluid cartridge (C15-7110-01)
  • Power source: AC adapter (DC3.3V) (not included)

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