Bell Jar & Exhaust Base EV-M


【Product Description】

Vacuum chamber with a bell jar and an exhaust base

【Overall Advantages to Users】

  • This vacuum chamber is a conventional and common type.
  • The air in vacuum chamber can be exhausted using a vacuum pump.
  • The built in vacuum gauge shows the degree of vacuum inside.


  • Atmospheric pressure
  • Sound propagation
  • Change the boiling point of materials




【To all users】

  • Easy to observe phenomena of matter in the vacuum condition inside of the chamber due to a glass bell jar.
  • Easy to do variety of experiments inside of the chamber due to a wider space of the exhaust base.

【To teachers】

  • Easy to experiment the comparison of sound transferring in atmospheric and in vacuum condition.
  • Easy to observe that the conditions of air expansion under vacuum depends on that the size of a balloon in the chamber. The balloon is expanded by reducing the pressure of the chamber by a vacuum pump.
  • Pressure reduction boiling: Easy to observe changing the boiling point of water due to reducing air pressure in the chamber.
  • Size: φ200mm (Exhaust base), φ170mm (Bell jar), φ8 – 12mm (Exhaust pipe)
  • Pressure gauge: 1 pc
  • Accessories: Electronic buzzer, Small windsock.

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