Gas laws cylinder BC-100N


【Product Description】

Cylinder with gas pressure gauge for Boyle’s-Charle’s law

【Overall Advantages to Users】

  • The cylinder with gas pressure gauge can easily demonstrate the gas laws.
  • Pulling and pushing the cylinder shows that air pressure varies in it as can be seen on its gauge thus demonstrating the Boyle’s law which shows the relation between how the pressure of a gas tends to increase/decrease as the volume of the cylinder decreases/increases.
  • When the rubber is used to close the air in the cylinder and then the whole product is heated by warm water, we can observe that the volume of air in the cylinder expands thus following the Boyle’s-Charle’s law.



  • Glass syringe: 100mL
  • Pressure gauge: 50 – 150kPa
  • Rubber pluge (cap) : 1 pc

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