Water Pressure Indicator


[Product Description]

The indicator is a drum type with soft rubber films.

[Overall Advantages to Users]

  • The water pressure indicator is the simplest pressure gauge because the rubber film of the water pressure indicator can show its condition by the depth of water and angle as a visual pattern.
  • Changes in water pressure due to water depth can confirm the degree of depression of the rubber film.


  • Water pressure




[To all users]

  • The observation of the water pressure is available in a mess cylinder (500mL) or 500 mL beaker, and it is not needed a special water tank because it has a very soft and sensitive rubber film.

[To teachers]

  • Explanation and description of the phenomenon are easily due to its simple structure.

[To students]

  • Easy to understand the phenomenon of water pressure for learners depending on seeing the degree of depression of rubber film.
  • Body: Transparent acrylic plastic, φ50 x 70 mm
  • L shape pipe: Transparent acrylic plastic, φ5 x 300 mm
  • O ring: φ45 mm x 2 pieces
  • Replacement: Rubber film 2 pieces

Teacher's Resources

  • [MANUAL] in English for this product.


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