Set of Four Assorted Density Blocks


【Product Description】

Set of four cubes (aluminum, steel, plastic (POM), wood) equal in volume (3 cm3) and different in masses.

【Overall Advantages to Users】

This set helps students better understand the concept of density through hands-on activities. It also helps students easily  realize that the density of an object refers to the ratio of its mass to its volume.


  • Properties of Matter
  • Density
  • Mass
  • Volume




【To all users】

Possible to give students a hands-on activity if they place each one of the blocks on their palms one after another and discover the identity of the blocks on their own.

【To teachers】

Each block is individually stored in a plastic case therefore it is unlikely to get scratched.

【To students】

Shorter time required for analysis because the known and uniform size of each block enables easy calculation of experiments results.

  • Blocks:
    • Aluminum block: 1 pc, 72 g
    • Steel block: 1 pc, 210 g
    • Plastic block (POM): 1 pc, 39 g
    • Wooden block: 1 pc, 13 g
  • Size: 30 x 30 x 30 mm (each)
  • Accessory: Plastic storage case

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