Assorted Comparison Blocks


【Product Description】

Set of four (4) types of metal cubes (Aluminum, Steel, POM (plastic), and Wood) with different masses and densities but with the same size (3 x 3 x 3cm).

【Overall Advantages to Users】

Helps students understand the concept of density by providing them a hands-on activity that makes it much easier to realize the difference between volume, density, and weight.


  • Properties of matter
  • Finding density through mass and volume.
  • Discovering various densities of different materials.




【To all users】

Possible to give students a hands-on activity if they place each one of the blocks on their palms one after another and discover the identity of the blocks on their own.

【To teachers】

Stored in a plastic box in which each block has its own compartment that minimizes corrosion and/or scratches.

【To students】

Shorter time required for students’ experiments because each block enables simple analysis (calculation) of experiments results thanks to the known/unified dimensions.

  • Blocks:
    • Aluminum block: 1 pc, ca.72g
    • Steel block: 1 pc, ca.210g
    • Plastic block (POM): 1 pc, ca.39g
  • Wooden block: 1 pc, ca.13g
  • Size: 30 x 30 x 30 mm (each)
  • Accessory: Storage case

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