Force & Motion

Set of Weights and Springs


【Product Description】

Set for advanced learners consists of weights and springs required for verifying and studying the topic of Hooke’s law and motion of an elastic pendulum.

【Overall Advantages to Users】

The springs are made without initial tension and designed to be stretched proportionately to the load applied by the weight(s) as Hooke’s law states because.


  • Hooke’s law
  • Spring pendulum (motion of elastic pendulum)



  • Spring Type-A: Stainless, Wire diameter: 0.6mm, Winding diameter: 16mm, Spring constant: 5.0 N/m, Elastic limit: ca.240mm (Equivalent to the mass of 120g.)
  • Spring Type-B: Stainless, Wire diameter: 0.7mm, Winding diameter: 40mm, Spring constant: 12.0 N/m, Elastic limit: ca.240mm (Equivalent to the mass of 240g.)
  • Weight: 20g x5pcs (Brass, 20g±0.5%, with hooks on top/bottom)

Teacher's Resources

  • [ MANUAL ] Precision Springs & Weights Set


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